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Humorous Poem #46 – Thinking Water

Instead of drinking water,
They gave me thinking water,
Now I’m really smart.

And instead of ice cream,
They gave me nice cream,
Now I’ve got a big heart.

Instead of hot sauce,
They gave me snot sauce,
Now my tongue is gooey when I talk.

And instead of candy bars
They gave me sandy bars,
Now my mouth is full of rocks.

And instead of tribal stories,
They read me bible stories,
Now I want to be a preacher

And instead of kool-aid
They gave me school-aid.
But I still don’t like my teacher.

Humorous Poem #40 The Horseman’s Tutor

Once I tried to teach the Horseman to read.
I tried everything;
fast, slow, all different speeds.
Until one day in frustration,
he stood up and said.
“How do you expect me to read?
When I don’t have a head!”

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem #32 School’s Lesson

The lessons I learned.
Gum underneath the table.
Shouldn’t be played with.

Humorous Poems #13 Laundry Day

I’m one sock short of a pair,
I’m three days past clean underwear.

All my pants
have grass stains on their knees.
All my shirts
have yellow stains on their sleeves.

Everything I own

is starting to stink.
All my red shorts,
Have faded to pink.

All my money,
is spent on bills to pay.
Its been three months
since my laundry day.

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem #3 Run Away Milk

My milk grew legs and ran away,
He jumped straight up, and scampered off my tray.
Why he left, he wouldn’t say.
But I guess I won’t have milk today.

By Evan James Griffin