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Humorous #35 My Favorite Treat

I love to eat my boogers,
They are my favorite treat
Sometimes they’re dark and bitter,
And other times they‘re sweet.
Sometimes they’re green and gooey
And other times cold and hard
Sometimes they come out red,
When my finger gets up too far.

Humorous Poem #34 Jumping Beans

Jumping Beans

Jumping beans jump
in the air.
Jumping beans jump
in my hair.
Jumping beans jump
from north to south.
Jumping beans jump
in my mouth.
Jumping beans jump
so so funny.
Jumping beans jump
in my tummy.
Jumping beans jump
from morning to eve.
Jumping beans jump
when they leave.

Humorous Poem #21 Road Apple

Apple Poem

An apple was sitting in the road.
A truck drove by with a heavy load.
The truck honked, but the apple didn’t retreat.
So now there’s applesauce spread across the street.

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem #9 Sweet Tooth

I had a sweet car.
My brother had a sweet tooth.
So he ate my car.

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem #3 Run Away Milk

My milk grew legs and ran away,
He jumped straight up, and scampered off my tray.
Why he left, he wouldn’t say.
But I guess I won’t have milk today.

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem #1 A Doughnut’s Diet

A doughnut went on a diet.
He didn’t think he’d be able.
But two weeks later,
He turned into a bagel.


By Evan James Griffin