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Humorous Poem #47 Naps = Good

Napping isn’t so bad,
so you shouldn’t be sad.
You get to stop and dream,
and let off some steam.
You get to sleep and rest,
from life’s daily quest.
And before you wake?..
Thank goodness…
Mom gets a break.

Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem #44 – The Pirate

Have you seen the pirate
with the coat hanger hand?
Why, he’s the most feared pirate
in all of the land.
And it’s not because of the GI Joes
he sent to the plank
Nor is it his bath toys
he fearlessly sank.
And it’s not his chest
or the treasure inside.
But because it’s the 21st Century…
And all other pirates have died.

Pirate Boy

Humorous #35 My Favorite Treat

I love to eat my boogers,
They are my favorite treat
Sometimes they’re dark and bitter,
And other times they‘re sweet.
Sometimes they’re green and gooey
And other times cold and hard
Sometimes they come out red,
When my finger gets up too far.

Humorous Poem # 26 Baby Poem

I want my baby to be healthy,
I hope it isn’t lame.
But whether its a boy or girl,
I’ll love it just the same.

ultrasound pictures

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem #24 Car Pool

I let kids swim in the pool,
in the back of my truck.
They can swim all they want,
it only cost a buck.
The problem is that it spills,
when I speed over bumps.
When I turn corners,
the water dumps.
But the kids don’t mind,
they think it’s neat.
Until I drive up hill,
and pour them on the street.

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem # 18 Bath Time

Bath Time

When my hair is green
And my skin is brown
When my feet stink
And my parents frown
When flies are friends
And flowers wilt
When I start to smell
Like sour milk
When people gasp
And bums laugh
Then I know
I need a bath.

By Evan James Griffin