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Humorous Poem #43 – Cag, the Porcupine

Normally I do not post other poems, but this one made me laugh. This poem was submitted by L. Gerard. Her husband learned this poem when he was in 4th grade and he now recites it to his grandchildren.

CAG, the Porcupine

Cag the porcupine poked out his nose.
He lived in the wild where the Alagash flows.
His hair wasn’t curly, his temper was surly.
He’d risen too early which heightened his woes.

Cag the porcupine lumbered along,
There wasn’t a thing in the woods but was wrong.
The world as created was much overrated
And, oh, how he hated that chickadee’s song.

Cag the porcupine lurched on his way.
The fox and the wolverine wished him, “Good day.”
But Cag only mumbled and onward he stumbled,
“Some people”, he grumbled, “have too much to say.”

Cag the porcupine grumped to the hills,
“These sociable folks are the worst of my ills.
I wish I were prickly and stickly” and quickly
He found himself thickly provided with quills.

Cag the porcupine nibbles a cone,
The thistli-est, bristli-est, quadruped known,
And nobody pets him and nobody frets him
And everyone lets him strictly alone.

— Author Unknown (If you know the author, email it to me and will send you a prize!)

Humorous Poem #36 Moosetraps

She said she wanted mousetraps,
But on her list she wrote moose.
So now I’m responsible
For letting this creature loose.

By Evan James Griffin

Moose Poems

Humorous Poem #19 How to Pet a Porcupine?

porcupine poem

How do you pet a porcupine?
With that hair a fright?
How do you pet a porcupine?
Without a painful bite
How do you pet those needles?
Without your hand going through it.
The answer is quite simple…
Get your sister to do it.

By Evan James Griffin