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Humorous Poem #47 Naps = Good

Napping isn’t so bad,
so you shouldn’t be sad.
You get to stop and dream,
and let off some steam.
You get to sleep and rest,
from life’s daily quest.
And before you wake?..
Thank goodness…
Mom gets a break.

Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poems #31 Well Thought

I think I have to tinkle.
I think I have to pee.
I think I think too much.
For now I feel relieved.

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem #28 – Exploding Underpants


I had a pair of exploding underpants,
That I thought were really cool.
Until they exploded…
When I was walking into school.

By Evan Jame Griffin

Humorous Poem # 23 My Enemy

A snowflake’s enemy is a warm tongue
A singer’s enemy is a song poorly sung.
A teacher’s enemy is a tardy child.
A stylist’s enemy is hair gone wild.
A buyer’s enemy are over priced homes.
My enemies are those who don’t like poems.

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem # 12 I Broke

I broke my leg
When I jumped from the house
I broke the vase
Running from a mouse
I broke the rules
When I came home late
I broke the fence
When I slammed the gate
And I broke my pencil
When it wouldn’t bend
But I promise
I didn’t break wind.

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem #10 I’m Only a Nerd

Nerd Poem

I’m only a nerd
When I look into the mirror.
Cuz’ I’m actually cool…
The chess player of the year.

This tape on my glasses?
Is because I got into a fight.
When some kid,
Dissed Pokemon last night.

My pants aren’t high waters,
They’re male Capris.
The drug I take is benadryl,
For all my allergies.

And I don’t need a girlfriend,
Cuz’ they play hard to get.
But I do date a model,
Via the Internet.

Every time I watch Star Wars,
I shed a little tear
But like I said, I’m only a nerd
when I look into the mirror.

By Evan James Griffin