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Humorous Poem #48 Pinterest Poem


For those of you who want to copy and reuse the poem. Here is the text version. Feel free to pin it and then hug your husband… He needs it.

I haven’t seen my wife.
She’s been gone for many days.
I’ve tried to send her messages.
I have tried several ways.
But now it seems she’s lost.
With her new found interest.
Curse her friend,
Who invited her to Pinterest.

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem #42 – The Hardest Part of Work

The hardest part of work,
is to pretend you’re working hard.
You can only stack so many papers,
or shuffle so many business cards.

In one tab you’ll have your email.
And the other you’ll have your shows.
And you can switch between them so quickly
Your boss hardly knows.

Hulu shows the Office,
Youtube has dancing Dogs.
Amazon sells lots of books,
On Ebay you bought some Pogs.

An online game of Scrabble
Makes you think of many words.
But when nature calls you leave,
And beat angry birds.

But once you tire of Facebook,
And you’ve written too many Tweets.
You’ll stroll down to the breakroom,
And help yourself to treats.

And if there is a co worker,
with semi-engaging news
You’ll only stop and gossip,
for at least an hour or two.

Other times you’ll play ping pong,
your favorite company perk.
It’s amazing what you get done.
when you come to work.

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem #36 Moosetraps

She said she wanted mousetraps,
But on her list she wrote moose.
So now I’m responsible
For letting this creature loose.

By Evan James Griffin

Moose Poems

Humorous Poem #28 – Exploding Underpants


I had a pair of exploding underpants,
That I thought were really cool.
Until they exploded…
When I was walking into school.

By Evan Jame Griffin

Humorous Poem # 23 My Enemy

A snowflake’s enemy is a warm tongue
A singer’s enemy is a song poorly sung.
A teacher’s enemy is a tardy child.
A stylist’s enemy is hair gone wild.
A buyer’s enemy are over priced homes.
My enemies are those who don’t like poems.

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem #20 A Candle’s Diary

Candle Poem

They said I was for decoration,
And I didn’t think they were liars.
But then they struck the match,
And set my hair on fire!

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem #15 The Stinky Foot

The Stink Foot

The stinky foot is a curse,
that no one wants to smell.
The stinky foot is a secret,
that no one wants to tell.
The stinky foot is rotten,
and an enemy to the shoe.
It’s the worst smell in the world,
Next to you. :)

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem # 12 I Broke

I broke my leg
When I jumped from the house
I broke the vase
Running from a mouse
I broke the rules
When I came home late
I broke the fence
When I slammed the gate
And I broke my pencil
When it wouldn’t bend
But I promise
I didn’t break wind.

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem #7 No More Poets

What will happen when every word has been rhymed?
And every phrase has been mixed and matched
over a million times.

Will the earth stop spinning,
And fall off its track?
Will the sun fall from the sky,
And turn to black?
Will hearts stop pounding,
And heads begin to throb?
Or worse,
Will poets lose their jobs?

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem # 5 House Plant

I had a house plant
And it had to go potty
so it soiled itself.

house plant

By Evan James Griffin