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Humorous Poem #41 Mr. Snowman’s Vacation

Mr. Snowman took a summer vacation,
he packed his bags and went to the station.
The train was hot so in manner quite subtle,
Mr. Snowman became Mr. Puddle.

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem # 39 Paper Cut

Never in my life…
Have I felt such pain!
Oh it’s terrible!
It’s driving me insane!
I think I’m dying;
My eyes have shut!
So much pain!
From a single paper cut?!

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poems #38 Sail Boat

The light house blinks and blinks and blinks.
The sail boat sinks and sinks and sinks.
As the captain thinks and thinks and thinks.
That he shouldn’t sail a boat,
that leaks and leaks and leaks.

Sailing Poems

Humorous #35 My Favorite Treat

I love to eat my boogers,
They are my favorite treat
Sometimes they’re dark and bitter,
And other times they‘re sweet.
Sometimes they’re green and gooey
And other times cold and hard
Sometimes they come out red,
When my finger gets up too far.

Humorous Poem #34 Jumping Beans

Jumping Beans

Jumping beans jump
in the air.
Jumping beans jump
in my hair.
Jumping beans jump
from north to south.
Jumping beans jump
in my mouth.
Jumping beans jump
so so funny.
Jumping beans jump
in my tummy.
Jumping beans jump
from morning to eve.
Jumping beans jump
when they leave.

Humorous Poem #33 Human Canon Ball

I used to get made fun of,
They called me a slob.
They’d yell, “Get off the couch,
go to work and get a job!”

Then they’d yell,
“Run and lose some weight!”
Do something,
Before it’s too late!”

But now my big body,
Has shown them all.
Since the circus came,
And made me a canon ball.

human canon ball

Humorous Poem #30 Cinderella’s Secret

Cinderella used fake foot inside her dress
That’s why the glass slipper fit her best
Because 20 years later, one can plainly see
That Cinderella’s shoe size, is not a size  3.

By Evan James Griffin

Cinderella's Glass Slipper

Humorous Poem #27 – Determination

My eyes dried up and now I’m blind.
I must to get winning out of my mind.
Because now there is little I can do.
Since I lost a staring contest against a statue.

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem # 23 My Enemy

A snowflake’s enemy is a warm tongue
A singer’s enemy is a song poorly sung.
A teacher’s enemy is a tardy child.
A stylist’s enemy is hair gone wild.
A buyer’s enemy are over priced homes.
My enemies are those who don’t like poems.

By Evan James Griffin

Humorous Poem #21 Road Apple

Apple Poem

An apple was sitting in the road.
A truck drove by with a heavy load.
The truck honked, but the apple didn’t retreat.
So now there’s applesauce spread across the street.

By Evan James Griffin