About the Author

Author of Humorous PoemsEvan James Griffin has been writing humorous poems since his senior year in high school after taking a creative writing class. He would write poems that he knew were embarrassing for his teacher to read in front of the class. Each time one of his poems was read, the class would be in an uproar of laughter, however; after school ended he hid his poems away so that no one would ever find them. Until one day when his mother was snooping in his room and came across a manila folder marked “stupid poems”. As she read through the poems she discovered that her young boy had talent. She encouraged her son to write more. Humorouspoems.net is a collection of witty poems that Evan has compiled over the past seven years. He encourages everyone to read and enjoy his unique style of writing. To contact Evan about speaking or writing, please refer to the contact the author page.

Evan James Griffin currently resides in Utah with his wife Natali who is expecting their first child.